UberX Car Requirements – What You Need To Know

Before you signup to drive for UberX, you need to make sure your car meets their criteria. The UberX car requirements are different from those of other Uber services such as UberXL, UberLUX, etc. So you need to know the specific requirements for cars that drive for the UberX service. And this is what I am here for… to tell you all you need to know.

Your car must meet the following…


Your car must be a 4 door sedan and it must be able to seat 4 passengers at minimum (this doesn’t include yourself).

There are no 2 door sports cars allowed with UberX unfortunately.


The interior must be in good condition.

Also, the  windows and air conditioning must be working.

Uber wants your passengers to be comfortable on their paid rides, so its understandable that they don’t want them to be trapped in a hotbox with no a/c.


There must not be any cosmetic damage. However, UberX is the lowest and least luxurious service that Uber offers and I have found that you can get away with minor damage.

Small dents, scrapes, rust spots, etc, are all pass-able. As long as its nothing too major.


The maximum age of your car varies a good deal depending on the state you want to drive for Uber in, but the maximum age requirement you will find anywhere in the U.S. is 2002.

Many cities require UberX vehicles to be much newer, such as 2007 or newer in Miami, Pittsburgh, and more.

The age requirement will also vary depending on whether or not your car is a hybrid. Hybrids get special treatment and Uber allows them to be older than your conventional cars.

For example, in Pittsburgh where I drive for Uber, UberX’s must be 2007 or newer, unless you have a hybrid, which is allowed to be as old as 2005.


Of course the car you drive is going to have to be insured. To meet the insurance requirements all you need is personal insurance that meets your state & local law’s requirements. So your insurance is going to have to be in-state.

On top of the insurance you have, there is also Uber insurance that is provided to you by Uber themselves.


Your must have registration documents as proof of car registration. Both temporary or permanent registration are adequate to meet Uber’s requirements. Also, Uber makes a note that the registration does not have to be in your name.

Vehicle History

Uber does not allow salvaged or rebuild vehicles. So it is important that you check your cars title. In many cases owners are not aware that their car was salvaged.


If your vehicle is “marked” it will not be allowed. What is meant by this is that you cannot have a car with commercial branding, taxi markers, etc.

Popular UberX Car Models

Just to give you an idea of what cars are commonly used for UberX driving, here is a short list. Note: This is a list of only SOME cars, there are plenty of others that qualify.



Does Your Car Meet The UberX Requirements?

If so, then it is important to read over the Uber driver requirements to see if you, the driver, qualifies. Seeing that the car meets Uber’s criteria is just one part of the equation.

If your car is not going to pass then I suggest you read my post on how to drive for Uber without a car. They offer some good car renting, leasing, and buying deals that you may be interested in.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? If there is anything at all that you need to contact me about, do so below in the comment section. I will get back to you within 24 hours:)

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