Uber XL Car Requirements – See If Your Car Qualifies

uber xl requirements If you have a SUV and you are considering driving with Uber then your first step is to see if your automobile meets the Uber XL car requirements. If it does then this could be a very great opportunity for you. Uber XL drivers earn higher fares because they have the capability of picking up more passengers. It can be a very lucrative side job or even full time work if you live in the right area.

So What Are The Requirements?

For some reason Uber XL does not allow full sized vans or trucks. You must have a 4-door SUV or minivan, each of the 4 doors able to be opened independently. As far as capacity goes, it must be able to sit at least 6 additional people, not including yourself.

Uber XL also requires that all windows work and that air conditioning is usable because of course they want your passengers to have a comfortable ride.

What You Are NOT Allowed To Drive

As I mentioned above, Uber XL doesn’t allow you to drive full sized vans or trucks. In addition to this they also don’t allow you to drive marked vehicles, such as taxi cabs, government cars, commercial vehicles, and so on. You need to have a plain old SUV.

They also do not allowed salvaged or rebuilt SUV’s. So you might want to check your title to make sure yours doesn’t fall into one of these categories. Often times if you buy a car from an individual they won’t tell you if the car was salvaged and what not.

Examples Of Popular SUV’s Used By Uber XL Drivers

If you are not certain whether or not your SUV will qualify for Uber XL, here is a list of some of the more popular SUV’s used by its drivers. Take not that these are just some of the more popular ones, there are many more that qualify that are not listed. The majority of SUV’s will qualify.

Popular Uber XL SUV’s: Chevy Traverse, Chrysler  Town and Country, Dodge  Grand Caravan,  Dodge Journey, Ford Explorer, Ford Flex, GMC Yukon XL, GMC Yukon XL Denali, Honda Odyssey, Honda Pilot, Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sedona, Mercury Mountaineer.

General Requirements For Uber

What I have went over above are requirements that are specific to Uber XL, but there are other general requirements that your car must meet. These requirements are for ALL Uber vehicles, not just those that are being used for XL. They include…

  • In most cities Uber requires your vehicle to be no more than 10 years old, so that would mean no older than 2007. However there are exceptions such as Los Angeles, Orange County, & San Francisco here your vehicle can be as old as 2001.
  • Your vehicle must be able to pass an Uber inspection (regular state inspection)
  • Your vehicle must be insured and your name MUST be on the policy
  • Your vehicle must have in-state plates
  • Your vehicle registration must be current (Uber accepts temporary registration and the registration doesn’t have to be in your name)
  • Your vehicle must not have cosmetic damage (don’t worry about minor damage)
  • Your vehicle must not have commercial decals, logos, or any kind of commercial promotion
  • You CANNOT drive a
    • Crown Victoria’s (old style police car)
    • Marked vehicles such as taxis
    • Full size vans (Ex: GMC Savana)

* Hybrid vehicles don’t have the same age requirement of being no more than 10 years old. They get special treatment and meet requirements if they are 2004 or newer.

Requirements For You As A Driver

And then of course you have to meet the driver requirements in order to drive for Uber XL. Don’t stress on this, its not like you have to pass a driving test or anything like that. Uber just wants to make sure they don’t get crazy drivers working for them that they might have liability issues with.

The following driver requirements are for ALL Uber drivers…

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be able to pass a background check (you will have to provide your SSN)
  • Must have at least 1 year of driving experience (at least 3 years if you are under the age of 23)
  • Must have a clean driving record (they will check)
  • Must have an in-state driver’s license

Ready To Sign Up For Uber XL

Notice how I say “sign up” and not “apply”. I say this because it seems like Uber pretty much accepts everyone that meets the requirements. There is still plenty of opportunity with Uber.

You can go to Uber.com to sign up. You will come to this page and its a very simple and straightforward process after that.

Uber XL can be a very lucrative opportunity, but its hard to say how much you can make. The situation can vary greatly depending on the area you plan on driving. With Uber XL you make more in fares, but there are also less people looking to get an Uber XL to drive them around.

All in all I would say that Uber XL is worth giving a try if you own a SUV.


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