Uber Driver Helpline – The Best Ways To Get Help

If you are looking for help as an Uber driver and need to get in contact with Uber right away I’ll go over the options that you have. The Uber driver helpline services that you have available to you are getting better as time goes on. In 2017 Uber made some good changes with how they go about giving drivers support.

Support from Uber has been a major sore spot over the years. Drivers would have account problems, billing problems, problems with bad ratings, and all sorts of others that would take way to much time to be resolved. But fortunately it seems that Uber is taking steps in the right direction. There are still some things they could be doing better but all in all the current available support is pretty good.

Need Help As An Uber Driver? Here Are Your Options

The first option that you should be aware of is that Uber does have an emergency phone number that you can use to get in contact with a real person. This is for emergencies only and if you call with an account problem, billing problem, or something that isn’t really an emergency you will not get help. The number for this is 800-353-8237.

There are several other non-emergency options that you have for Uber support. They are as follows…

#1 – In-App Phone Support

By far the best way for you to get help from Uber at times of need is through the in-app phone support they offer. This feature can be found by going into the app, clicking on “account”, clicking on “help”, and then clicking on the phone icon that you will see in the upper right of the screen.

This is a great feature that they started rolling out in 2017 and is available to drivers on the app in most cities. With this support you can get connected with a real person in a matter of minutes (they claim 2 minutes).

#2 – In-App “Help” Button

This is going to be the next fastest way for you to get support with an issue or problem. To get help this way all you have to do is click the “Help” Button inside the app. After clicking this you will see a menu of categories that you will have to choose from based on which your issue is most related to. These include things like Account Issues, Payment Issues, etc.

After clicking on one of the main categories you will be directed to subcategories which you can then click on and submit a short description of your problem or question. You can then easily track your submitted question and wait for Uber to respond.

The problem with this support system is that it is very hard to navigate. There is no search bar where you can easily look up answers to problems. Instead you have to search through the categories.

#3 – help.uber.com

help.uber.com is the support portal that Uber has on their website. This is accessible with a PC and is pretty much the same thing as the in-app support that I just went over. It has much of the same answers to questions and is set up in a similar way….. You can browse through different categories and submit a question to certain ones.

The big difference is not only that it is accessible on your computer, but also that there is a search bar where you don’t have to waste a bunch of time browsing through different categories.

#4 – In-Person Support at Greenlight Hubs

If you live in a decent sized city then chances are you have an Uber office in your area, aka a Greenlight Hub. If you live close to one of these you might just want to go in and chat with an Uber rep from the start, but if you live far away you might want to exhaust the options above first.

At these offices you will be able to get “real” support and get your issues fixed much easier.

What Support Channel Should You Use?

Well obviously if you just were involved in an accident you should call the emergency number that they provide…. after calling 911 first of course. But if it is a non-emergency related matter then I would say that they all have their benefits. The in-app phone support is the best for getting quick answers, the in-person support at Greenlight Hubs is great if you have a complicated question because it is easier explaining it to someone right to their face… and they all have their upsides.

It really just depends on your situation.

Questions, comments, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂


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