Top 5 Uber Driver Complaints – What Everyone Should Know Beforehand

Being an Uber driver probably isn’t as great as you may have heard. Being able to drive around in your own car and make money without a boss breathing down your neck comes at a cost. If you are considering becoming a driver then I suggest you you read this first.

In this post I have compiled what I consider to be the top 5 Uber driver complaints. I have come up with these from reading many reviews, going through forums online, and talking with drivers. Everyone that is considering becoming a driver for Uber needs to know these…

#1 – Competition

Making good money as an Uber driver is not a simple task by any means. Why? Well mainly because of the competition that drivers have from other drivers on the road. Uber’s marketing tactics for new drivers bring in more than they need. In bigger cities it is not uncommon to have several Uber drivers on the same street within a mile of each other.

The insane amount of competition that there is for Uber drivers often turns them to other similar jobs such as Lyft rideshare service, which is much less popular.

#2 – Not Enough Hours (realistically)

I have found that most Uber drivers that make decent money per hour only work small amounts of time. They don’t do this a as a full-time job. The reason for this is there just aren’t enough “good” hours that you can work. You have to find the good times to work and work them. If you try to work an 8 hour day you are going to be working hours that aren’t so good where you will be sitting around just trying to get a ride.

This forces drivers that are desperate for money to work strange hours. The goal is to work at a time where there is the most demand for Ubers with the least amount of competition. As you can imagine there are weird hours that no one else wants to work. But these will also make you your best money.

#3 – No Tipping

Uber makes it very clear that they are a no-tipping service and that riders do not need to tip the drivers. This angers many drivers because tips can make all the difference. You could be making an extra $3-5/hr but Uber had to go and ruin that possibility.

Now you can accept tips in the form of cash. But what I mean by no tipping is that there is no way for riders to tip in the app, and Uber tells riders they don’t have to. So even though tips are possible they are very rare due to what Uber has done.

#4 – Low Pay

Going along with every complaint I just went over, low pay is definitely one of the top complaints there is… probably the most common one you will find. How much Uber drivers make and what Uber claims their drivers make seem to be two different stories.

Many drivers complain about the promotions you see for Uber drivers being very inaccurate and misleading when it comes to the amount of money you can make.

The bottom line here is that Uber is not a great choice if you want to work full time. It is best treated as a side-gig. If you word long hours, when you go to average out your pay all the slow yours will bring you down. But if work few hours and only work the hours that are worth your time, you can make a decent hourly wage.

Its all about picking and choosing to only work the good times. Many drivers get mislead and join in on this opportunity thinking that they can driver around all day and make plenty of money. Some people can do this but it depends on your location, Uber service you are driving for, etc.

#5 – Expenses

You can’t forget about the expenses that come with the job. This is a complaint I see time and time again. Many people start driving for Uber knowing about the expenses but don’t think they are a big deal at first… then they do the math and find that they are not making nearly as much as they thought they were.

As an independent contractor, which you are considered as an Uber partner, you are responsible for your own vehicle upkeep. Gas, break pads, tires, you name it… that is all your responsibility. These expenses can really add up fast and take a toll on your earnings.

The amount you will have in expenses depends on how good of a driver you are and how efficient your vehicle is, but this is always going to be a complaint no matter what.

There is a push for Uber to make driving partners employees rather than independent contractors, which would mean that Uber would take care of many of the expenses, but I don’t think this will ever happen.

You can click this link to learn more about the expenses of driving for Uber.

Is Driving For Uber Even Worth It?

This question depends on a lot of variables. I find that for many drivers it is worth it and for many others it is not. It all depends if you drive smart or not.

Don’t go out there and think you are going to be driving full-time. I definitely do not suggest that. Instead, start off slow. Get a feel for what hours have the most income potential, where the best places to drive are, etc…. then go from there. If the opportunity is there to pick up more hours then go for it…  if not then stay where you are.

I only recommend Uber as a side-gig. And it can be a good little side-gig that you can work in your spare time if you make it that way. I think there is still good opportunity out there driving for Uber I just think that people are expecting too much.

And its understandable that people are when I see the misleading promotions out there that are to get Uber drivers to sign up.

Anyway… just take note of these complaints and make sure this opportunity is one that you actually want to pursue.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂


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Terry - December 31, 2017

I was Uber driver I’m a disabled Uber driver confined to wheelchair May complaints against Riders that’s been rude and disrespectful I ever been wrongfully deactivated cut the drug they say drug-impaired which was all false allegation I have paperwork to prove it drug test screening test to prove it I do not do drugs alcohol any of the store I’m wrongfully accused is La due to bias bias a racial discrimination and I truly believe that

Terry - December 31, 2017

Also Riders are very disrespectful to the drivers me as it is a disable driver they constantly say oh what she why you ain’t eat while you’re driving why you what your disability what’s that in your front seat cuz I have a wheelchair wrong question of my disability and also they will get in your car and it was slam your door boom slam your trunk when you politely ask them not to do it what they do they turn around and it may complaints against you and that’s why my complaints when I ask him please don’t slam they stated I’m in Perry oh he done this or you know a lady my last one I got deactivated for she slammed my trunk I asked you not to do it please you know me I told her to do it she went off on me you told me 4 times

Terry Stuart - December 31, 2017

The company itself is is contradiction contradictional also if it’s just very wrong I have numerous SD cards to prove my professionalism they don’t want to hear it it’s due to my disability they don’t want to hear it in my complaints which is really how I have a right to voice my opinion they letting a guy with cerebral palsy Drive why can’t drive I’ve done over 19 close to 2,000 safe trips

Terry Stuart - December 31, 2017

They close your app where you can’t look into it they don’t want you to leak your information out to other people for publicity reason and it’s totally wrong you have no access to what you complain about or what they want to keep that all to themselves and private because they know it’s something wrong and they would holding it because they don’t want the evidence out and that’s why they don’t want me on the platform at all they don’t want me knowing they don’t want me talking but I’m reaching out to everybody I’m reaching out to news station one day my story is going to be heard Global worldwide all the complaints all the excessive driving I’ve been doing without requests do to them


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