Uber BLACK Car List – Does Your Car Qualify?

If you are considering driving for Uber Black you of course are going to need a car that qualifies for this service. With that in mind, I have put together this Uber Black car list so that you can verify whether or not your car makes the cut.

But before I get into the list I think its important to give a brief overview of what UberBlack is to give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself into in case you don’t already know.

UberBLACK In A Nutshell

UberBLACK is one of Uber’s upper echelon services. It is a luxury service that is know for being “black”.. literally. Vehicles that drive for this service are all black, inside and out. This along with being top of the line cars make them a great alternative to limos, which are pretty much the rich version of the taxi.

Their are benefits and downsides to being an UberBLACK driver. For example: You earn more money per fare, but you probably won’t get as many fairs as lesser priced services like UberX just because their isn’t as much demand.

List Of Popular UberBLACK Cars

Acura – RLX, MDX

Audi – A8, A8L, Q5, Q7

BMW – 7 & 5 Series, X5, X6

Cadillac – ATS, CTS, STS, DTS, SRX, XTS

Chrysler – 300s, 300c

Hyundai – Equus

Infiniti – M35H, M37, M60

Land Rover – Range Rover

Lexus – LS, 450H, GS, LS

Lincoln – MKZ, MKS, MKX, MKT

Jaguar – X-Type, XF, XJ

Maserati – All

Mercedes-Benz – CLA, CLS, C, E, M, & S-Classes

Porsche – Panamera, Macan, Cayenne

Tesla – Model S, Model X

Volkswagen – Touareg

Car Not On The List?

If your car isn’t on the list above it still might have a chance at qualifying for UberBLACK. All of those listed above are popular car models that are eligible to drive for this service, but it is limited to those.

All UberBLACK cars must meet the following requirements. If your car does, then you are in luck…

  • Must be a 4 door high-end luxury sedan, crossover, or SUV
  • Must be able to seat at least 4 passengers
  • Interiors & exterior must be all black and in near perfect condition
  • Must be a 2012 or newer
    • This will vary slightly depending on where you live
  • A/C & windows must be in working condition
  • Must have leather or vinyl interior in with no tears
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles allowed
  • No marked vehicles allowed (Ex: taxis, commercial branding)
  • Must be free of cosmetic damage
  • Must have TCP number
  • Must have commercial insurance and be commercially registered

If your vehicle meets all of these, then its time for you to sign up with Uber and find out for certain whether or not your car makes the cut.

Car Doesn’t Cut It? Here Is A Solution

I normally don’t recommend this for Uber’s luxury rideshare services, but I still want to inform you of it just so that you are aware.

If you don’t have a car that qualifies for UberBLACK but still want to drive for it, you can rent or lease a car with Uber. You won’t actually be renting or leasing from Uber, but Uber is partnered with several 3rd party companies such as Hyrecar, Hertz, Enterprise, and they make it more streamlined to rent or lease a car for the purpose of driving for them.

Like I said, I honestly don’t recommend this option and chances are you will find it very difficult to be able to rent or lease a luxury car that will qualify, but I just wanted to make it known to you.

Final Options

If your car doesn’t qualify for UberBLACK and you don’t want to rent or lease a car, then you just aren’t going to be able to drive for this service.

My suggestion is to consider driving for another Uber service. If you car didn’t qualify for UberBLACK then your only option is probably UberX (lowest grade service) or possibly UberSELECT (mid-tier service). It isn’t going to qualify for the other Uber luxury services, like UberLUX, more than likely, and its not going to qualify for UberXL unless its an SUV, so your options are limited.

Don’t just role out UberX right away though. UberX gets the most requests of any service, is the cheapest, and has the most competition. There are goods and bads to all the services. But I do know people who make a living driving for UberX.




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