Is Getting an Uber Bike Delivery Job Worth It? What To Consider

One of the great things about Uber (that is relatively new) is that you can deliver on bike. A lot of people really like this option and I am also a fan. However, this does have some downsides to it. The big question here is whether or not Uber bike delivery is worth your time.

In this short post I’m going to be covering what it is like working for Uber as a bike courier. I’ll go over the upsides and downsides and give my personal opinion on whether or not I think it is a job worth considering. If you are interested in delivering via bicycle then you are going to want to read this first.

The 2 Different Bike Delivery Jobs

As an Uber bike courier you could be getting delivery requests of 2 different kinds. You could get requests for UberEats and you will also get requests for UberRush. However, in some cities these two Uber services are not intertwined and you will only deliver for one or the other.

The difference between the 2 Uber services that you might find yourself delivering for is as follows…


This is Uber’s food delivery service. You will be picking up food from restaurants and delivering it via your bike. Customers will pay restaurants for the food directly through the UberEats app and then local orders will be available for you to accept delivery for.


If you deliver for this service you could be delivering a range of different things. You could find yourself delivering papers and documents from one business to another or it could be a package or strange items that you don’t know what they are. This service is mainly used by businesses that need a cheap way to get things from one place to another in a short time frame. Unlike UberEats, customers aren’t buying anything through the app (like food), they are just paying for the delivery service.

What A Day On The Job Is Like

If you are familiar with Uber Eats and/or Uber Rush and have been a delivery driver for them before then you already know what its like. Its the same darn thing just you are on a bike basically.

Just as the Uber rideshare, you will use the app to accept requests. When a delivery request comes up in your area you can choose to accept it if you wish. Generally, because you are riding a bike, you will receive requests that aren’t too far away. But you can still end up peddling a good deal while in transport.

After accepting a delivery you will peddle to the specified location and pick up the delivery. You will need the order number for UberEats in order to pick it up. After that you are off. Now its time to deliver that son of a gun and get paid.

If you are delivering for UberEats you will know where you need to pickup the order and deliver the order from the get-go. But if you are delivering for UberRush you sometimes will not be provided with a delivery address until you have already picked up the order. This can be very annoying and sometimes really sucks. If you find that the delivery location is somewhere that you don’t want to ride to for some reason you can cancel the delivery but you will be penalized for this and will be less likely to receive future requests.

Upsides to Being a “Delivery Rider”

Low Expenses

This is probably the biggest upside that I can think of. You don’t have to worry about paying for gas, new brakes, inspections, etc. These expenses can really add up and are a major downside to driving for Uber because you have to cover them.

With a biker there are very low expenses. But you might need to start taking more fish oil supplements for those aching joints (lol).

Pretty Good Pay

You can expect to make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour generally when you are busy. I think that is a pretty good wage considering you don’t really have any expenses as I just mentioned.

But then again you might not make much at all. It depends on when and where you are delivering. There are a lot of people that complain about not getting nearly enough delivery offers and barely making anything and then there are people that make really good money doing this.

Don’t Have To Worry About Parking

Parking is a major pain in most big cities and can be a big frustration and waste of time. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about this when you are riding a bike. If you are waiting on a restaurant to prepare food for your delivery you can wait just about anywhere you want.

Delivering via bike totally eliminates the parking problem.

Great Exercise!

You can’t overlook this. If you are a fan of some good cardio and want to get paid to do it then this is a great job. You can work on your own schedule (to some extent) and you can get your workout in at the same time… whats not to love.

Lower Age Requirement

If you are too young to drive for Uber rideshare then you might still be eligible to deliver as a bike courier. You only have to be 19 years old for this job, whereas you have to be 21 if you want to be a rideshare partner.

A More Observable Ride

As a bike courier you get to take in more of your routes. What I mean here is that you see more, you hear more, you smell more, and overall you just learn a lot more. When you are in a car you drive by things without paying any attention. But when you are on a bike you get to be more observant and really get to know what people are like and how things are.

This might not be a big upside for many people but I know some will appreciate this as I do.

The Downsides

Only Paid for Delivery

You will only get paid for your time spend actually delivering the goods. You won’t get paid for the time spent going to the pickup spot or the time spent waiting.

Too Much Exercise

This is really an opinion. Some people will complain about getting too tired and things like that while others enjoy the exercise.

Rides Can Be Long

Its nothing too far out of the ordinary to have to bike more than 5 miles or so on a delivery. This can be a pain but if you are up to the challenge you can make some decent money.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Overall I would say that YES it is worth the time… but only for SOME people. The only people that I would recommend this job for are those that like riding bikes of course.

If you like to ride bikes then you probably enjoy the exercise and will enjoy the job overall. But if you don’t like riding bikes and don’t like to exercise then this is just going to be out of your realm.

Some people, me being one, really like what comes with this job. You get to make money, while exercising, and you get to explore and observe different areas of your location.

One thing I will say however is that I only recommend this for supplemental income. If you are looking to make a lot of money doing this its just not going to happen. You can make $20+ per hour but the problem is that you just won’t be able to get many good hours like that.

So it is worth it for many people but not all.

If you have an interest in driving for Uber Eats instead you can read this post on whether or not driving for this service is worth it.

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂


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