Is Driving for Uber Eats a Good Idea? What You Should Know

There are a lot of downsides to driving for Uber Eats, and then there are some upsides as well. But is driving for Uber Eats a good idea? That is the big question that needs answered before you decide whether or not you want to take the plunge and sign up.

Overall, I do think that driving for Uber Eats is a good opportunity and I do recommend it. However, I only recommend it as a way to supplement your income, as I do with regular Uber rideshare jobs.

In this short post I’m going to be covering some of the things that you should consider when thinking about driving for Uber Eats. There are downsides and I’m going to make them more known.

The Unmentioned Negative Aspects of The Job

When you come across ads for Uber Eats drivers they only tell you the good things that people want to hear. They always make the job opportunity seem better than it really is. I’m not saying that this is a bad job, I’m just saying that there are some downsides that you need to know, and some of these include…


When you are doing restaurant deliveries for Uber Eats you WILL have to wait. There will be plenty of times that the restaurant hasn’t fully prepared the order yet and you will have to wait around until it is finished if you want to make any money.

The restaurants are busy and they have their own things to worry about so they probably aren’t going to respect your time either.

Sometimes you will have to wait 5-10 minutes for the restaurant to finish an order.


Find parking can be a massive pain that could potentially waste a good bit of your time. If you are in a congested city then you know what I am talking about. No one wants to deal with parking but its one of those things that you can’t avoid.

Once you spend more time on the job you will get better at parking because you will know where you can and can’t park, but it can still be a pain.

Not Getting Paid

You don’t get paid for all your time spent out on the job. You will only get paid when you deliver the food. But when you are driving to pick up and order at a restaurant or you are waiting on the order to finish, you won’t make a dime.

No Tips

That’s right, just like Uber’s rideshare service, there is no in-app tipping. On top of this, Uber advertises their Uber Eats service to customers as there being “no need to tip”.

So the reality here is that you won’t get many tips. And tips are usually what make delivery jobs like this worthwhile.

You are allowed to accept tips from customers, but from everything I have come across this just doesn’t happen that often, and it is largely due to customers thinking that they don’t have to tip.

Other Complaints

If you go to GlassDoor you can read anonymously posted reviews from UberEats drivers. You will find a range of complaints, many of which I just went over.

Is UberEats Worth Your Time?

Is it worth your time to work as an UberEats delivery driver? Not necessarily in my opinion. It can be a good job and it can be worth your time but this doesn’t mean that it will be.

The location in which you are working makes a big difference. Some locations just don’t have enough service demand compared to the number of drivers on the road and this means that there is just too much competition and you won’t be able to get enough orders. But there are also locations where people seem to make decent money.

All in all I would say that UberEats is worth your time BUT…. only use it to supplement your income. Don’t go out there and try to make tons of money with it. Test it out and see if it is worthwhile and go from there. There are people that make decent money driving for UberEats.

The Best Tip I Have for You

Uber Eats can somewhat be a hit or miss. Some people are able to make decent money with it and others barely make anything and end up quitting right away. But one piece of advice I can give that can make it all worth while is to deliver when there are PROMOTIONS.

When there are promotions going on you will get paid more than the normal rate for delivering. The promotions vary and could give you a few more bucks per delivery or they could be set at a fixed rate.

For example: A promotion could say that if you deliver for Uber Eats during this time frame you will get an extra $4/delivery or it could say that if you deliver within the specified time frame you are guaranteed $30/hr. There is no telling what the promos will offer you, but one thing is for sure… they make the job much more worth it and you can make a good bit more money working during promos.

When Does Uber Run Promotions?

There could be many reasons why Uber would run these special promotions. The reason for them doing so is because delivery drivers are in higher demand. This might be because there is bad weather and there aren’t enough delivery drivers out on the road, it could be because there is a special event going on and there are more Uber Eats orders than expected, and so on.

The reasons for these promotions is to get more Uber Eats drivers out on the road and they do so by giving some extra cash incentive as mentioned above.

Comments, questions, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

If you are interested in this job then you can read my post on how to drive for Uber Eats. It will go over the steps you need to take to get started.


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