Is Being an Uber Driver Worth It? In 2017?

Is Being an Uber Driver Worth ItIs being an Uber driver worth it? Asking this question will get you every answer under the sun. Some people will say absolutely YES, others will tell you NO, Some will say only in some places, etc. There are a million answers to this question out there.

But why all the conflicting answers?? Well the answer to that is simple… Some people make a good amount of money driving for Uber and others don’t. The people that don’t make much money are obviously going to leave bad reviews, and vice versa.

But why would some people be saying its not worth it anymore? Why would some be making barely anything and others seem to come out on top??

I mean seriously.. You will see Uber driver reviews of people making $9 per hour driving around, then you will find people that are making $20 per hour driving around in the same damn city and driving for the same Uber service.. So how is this possible???

I mean sure, some of what you hear is a bunch of lies. But I know for a fact that there are some big differences in the amount people make with Uber. The reason for this is that the people that are coming out on top are working SMARTER NOT HARDER.

Whether you are just looking to start driving for Uber, or you are a discouraged Uber driver that is having a tough time making ends meet, the following things I mention are important if you want to make as much money as possible…

Work Smarter Not Harder.. And UBER IS WORTH IT

Sure we have seen Uber cut fares in the past year and hurt drivers’ income in other ways, but its still worth it. You can still make some good easy money driving for Uber. All you have to do is work smarter not harder.

I see it happen all the time. A new driver will sign up for Uber, they drive out for their first day on the job, and then they will sit in a parking lot for half the day doing absolutely nothing but wasting time.

You can’t just go out anywhere at anytime and expect there to be hundreds of people summoning your Uber. It just doesn’t work like that.

Find The Right Place

Find out where you can drive and get a lot of passengers. Maybe its a busy mall, a stadium, a club, or maybe its a spot that doesn’t have many Uber drivers, which gives you a lot of business.

Finding the right place is crucial. And finding a place that doesn’t have too much Uber driver competition is also crucial.

I know you are probably thinking that there are not many spots left like this, that don’t have much competition and have a good amount of passengers to pick up. But there are. Sure, it is definitely harder than it used to be several years ago, but there are still some good spots out there.

Find The Right Time

You might have a great spot that gets plenty of Uber riders each day. But driving there at the right time is important.

From what I have learned, its definitely not always best to drive when there are the most people trying to get rides. It might be, but its not necessarily. At many places, the busiest times have over-competition. There are just too many other drivers for you to make good money.

Finding a good time to drive when there are riders waiting and not too much competition is what every driver should be looking for if they want to increase their earnings.

Get The Right Uber

UberX is the most common type of Uber. Its your normal 4 passenger sedan in good condition. This is the most requested Uber by far, but it also has the most competition as a driver.

If you have the option of driving for UberXL or any other Uber service you should test it out and see how it goes. Driving the right Uber makes a huge difference. You might live in an area where UberXL has barely any competition, yet has many requests, or you might live in an area where there is an extreme lack of UberLUX drivers.

There are a lot of different situations out there and I can’t tell you what your situation is because it all depends on where you live. But if you are having trouble making good money with Uber, make sure figure out where, when, and what you should be driving.

Sometimes Its A Hit Or Miss

When you drive for Uber, a lot of your fares are up in the air as far as how much you will make. Once you gain experience and are used to driving certain routes, you will have a good idea as to how much money you will make one fares. But if you aren’t experiences you are going to be left in suspense as to how much you will be making and you will just have to find out by doing the driving.

You might get paid $6 for one fare and then $30 for another fare, its a guessing game sometimes.

As I said, once you gain experience in a particular area you will get to know about how much certain routes pay and you will know what routes you want to take and what routes you want to stay away from.

Don’t Count On Working Full-Time

I drive for Uber part-time. And this seems to be what most people are doing that make decent money with Uber considering the time they put in.

In most places there just doesn’t seem to be enough good opportunity to be able to work full-time hours. The competition with other drivers is too great for that.

You have to find that sweet spot where you make the most money for your time. And remember, with Uber you can work whenever you want, so take advantage of this.

Final Thoughts… Is Uber Still Worth It?

I do think it is still worth it for people to sign up and drive for Uber. Its harder to earn good money than it used to be, but its still possible.

Personally, I work around 15 hours per week generally and I make $15-22 per hour on average. I like it because its relaxing and I am the boss. The pay I get isn’t anything exceptional, but its still pretty good.

I also know people that are averaging up to $25 per hour. So the opportunity is definitely still there, although its hard to find.

And on top of the fares that you make, you also get a new driver’s signup bonus that can be up to $1,000 which is pretty awesome.

My advice for anyone new that is looking to sign up is this… Start out working just a little. Get to know your area. Find out good places, good times, and a good car to drive. Once you get some experience and knowledge you might be able to work more hours if its worth the time. But that all depends.

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