How To Contact Uber Support – The Top 7 Ways

how to contact uber supportWhether you are a driver for Uber or just a passenger you may come to a point where you need to know how to contact Uber support. And it can be tricky. As with many modern companies, getting through to an actual person is nearly impossible. Customer service standards these days seems to getting lower and lower, and Uber is no exception.

As of this past year of 2016, the Uber support phone number, Uber support email address, and Uber chat support are all unavailable. Its frustrating, but there are still ways to get the support you need which I will be going over.

One thing you also might want to try is asking me your question or concern. You can do so by simply commenting at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you usually within 24 hours. I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable on all things Uber so chances are I can probably help you out.

But anyway, to get support from Uber themselves, here are 7 ways you can do so…

#1 – The Uber Help Portal

The first thing that drivers and riders should do to get support from Uber is go to their online portal at help.uber.com. This is accessible for every one, but of course if you want driver support you are going to have to login, whereas for rider support you do not need to.

When you go to help.uber.com you will see a choice “For Riders” and “For Partners”. If you are a driver you are considered an Uber partner, so thats what that means.

If you are accessing the help portal you will see a long list of different categories you can get information from including those shown below… (this is “for riders”)

The extremely disappointing thing here is that you cannot ask specific questions. All you can do is go through the support information that Uber already has for you, which is done in sort of a FAQ manner. You will be able to find answers to most questions here, but there will always be times where this is insufficient and very annoying.

If you login as an Uber partner you will be able to get somewhat better support from the online portal. Since you will be logged in you will be able to get some helpful information that is specific to your account. This is good and all, but again, you can’t ask specific questions and this can be frustrating.

#2 In-App Uber Support

If you can’t find any information for your question of concern on the help.uber.com portal then my next suggestion would be to use the in-app support. This is a rather new support feature inside the Uber app and its very good. With this support tool you can choose from different categories that your problem has to deal with such as trips, payments, account, etc.. The categories you will see will vary depending on whether you are a rider or a driver.

As you can see below when you click on a certain category it then gives you more specific options on what your problem may be about. Once you narrow it down you then have the chance to specifically explain your problem.

I would say this method for getting support is a great choice if you don’t already find your answer in the Uber help portal I mentioned above. With this in-app support you can expect a prompt response to your inquiries.

 #3 Local Uber Partner Websites

If you have a question regarding something specific to your city then you may first want to go to your local Uber partner website to see if you can find an answer to your question first. You can visit ubermovement.com to find this specific information.

However, this won’t give you all that much and there is a good chance you will still need more information. All you will find here are things like…

  • The different uber services available in your city (UberX, UberXL, etc.)
  • Local regulations
  • Inspection requirements
  • Vehicle markers (Ex: the “U” sign)
  • Driver perks

At the local Uber partner websites you still might not be able to find answers to specific questions. You will find information already laid out to you but its not like you can ask questions and get answers tailored to that exact question. So if you can’t get the answer you are looking for here you might want to visit a local Uber office.

#4 Go To Your Local Uber Office

local uber officePretty much every major city has an Uber office, or 2 or 3 or even 4 (as inNYC). If you fail to get the answers you are looking for with any other methods that I talked about above then this might be your last, and best option. If you go and visit your local office you will get to talk face to face with Uber representatives, which means you should definitely be able to get answers to your questions. The downside of course is that you actually have to get up and drive over to wherever the office is at.

Uber calls these offices “greenlight hubs” and you can find their locations by visiting your local partner website that I mentioned above. Some of these greenlight hubs you have to schedule a meeting in order to speak with an Uber representative and others you can just walk right in and get help. If you are required to schedule a meeting you will find information about it on the Uber partner site.

#5 Uber Help Phone Number

Does uber have a phone number? Yep, well kind of. But unfortunately for 99% of Uber drivers this number is not available to them. Calling Uber directly is a great way to easily get support but I listed this as #5 due to it being available to a very small amount of people.

The select few Uber drivers that have this number available to them are able to click a “help” button inside the Uber partner app. This in-app phone support is supposedly just a pilot program that isn’t going full force yet. I hope we can see more of it in the future but it is still relatively new, having just started to come out sometime around late spring of 2016.

These select divers don’t actually know the Uber phone number, they just have a special button in their app that they can press to call Uber for help, but the number is unknown.

#6 Uber Social Media

Contacting Uber through social media can be both good and bad. Some people have luck with it so thats why I’m listing it here.

You can contact them via Twitter or Facebook. If you are going to try to contact them through Twitter then just Google “Uber (your city) Twitter” to find the local Uber account because there are accounts for just about every city. They do have a single main Uber twitter account, but I think its probably better that you try contacting the local account.

Facebook is a different story. There is just one official Uber account that you can contact. You can go to Uber’s Facebook account here. You are able to to post questions on their FB page or you can message them via FB messenger.

#7 Uber Critical Response Phone Number

Uber does still provide another phone number that is available for all Uber partner drivers out there, but its not your normal support number. Its a number that is only supposed to be used in times of somewhat of an emergency, such as if you get in an accident while driving for Uber or something of that sort.

Take note that this number does not replace 911. If your situation is an emergency that requires medical attention, etc, then you need to call 911.

Anyway, this probably isn’t the type of Uber support that you were looking to find when you click on this article, but I thought I’d list it anyhow.

Uber can be a son of a gun to get through to and receive help from, but it seems they are starting to move in the right direction. When they got rid of their phone number, email, and chat support it was extremely frustrating for people who depended on them. But now they released the in-app support tool and are testing out the in-app support phone number, so the future is looking bright.

And remember, you can always comment below and have me try to answer your questions or concerns about Uber. I will get back to you in 24 hours, so in that way you could say that I’m providing better Uber support than Uber themselves.

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