How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In Orlando? Realistically Or Course

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In OrlandoIf you live in central Florida and are looking to drive for Uber you may be wondering how much do Uber drivers make in Orlando? And to answer this question I will be using the law of averages. Its true that the amount of money you can make with Uber can vary greatly, but by averaging out the revenue per trip, amount of trips per hour, and the amount of hours per week in Orlando, you can get a good idea of what to expect if you are considering Uber driving.

The information I have gathered is from UberX drivers, which is the cheapest and most commonly used type of Uber. My figures are based on research, communicating with Uber drivers in Orlando, and my own experiences.

There are more expensive Uber services, other than UberX, that you can drive for where you may be able to make more money.

How Much Can You Expect To Get Paid Per Trip?

A trip is considered the time from the acceptance of a passenger pickup to the dropoff of that (or those) passengers. Trips can vary greatly in length, but like I said, I am talking in terms of averages here.

The average trip in Orlando pays between $8 – $13. I present the average as a range of numbers because it varies so often it would do you no justice to just give you a specific number. Even with this range of numbers you have to take it with a grain of salt. There are times you will bet paid less than $8 and there are times you will get paid more than $13 per trip.

How Many Trips Can You Expect Per Hour?

Anywhere between 1 to 3 trips per hour is a pretty realistic goal as an UberX driver in Orlando. So lets say that you average 2 trips per hour. This is very common and is a number you can expect.

Don’t think that you are going to get 3 trips that pay $13 per hour though. If you are getting 3 trips an hour then these are going to be short trips and they are not going to be ones that pay high. They will be small earners.

The Average Uber Driver

Most Uber drivers work part-time at around 30 hours a week reportedly.

If you are making $8-13 per trip and working 2 trips per hour then you can expect to earn about $16 – $26 per hour. And at 30 hours per week that will add up to between $25,000 and $40,700 per year.

How Good YOU Are As A Driver Really Matters

Obviously making on the lower side of $25,000 per year isn’t something that anyone wants. But this number greatly varies with how good of an Uber driver you are. And I’m not talking just about how well you treat your passengers and how comfortable you make their rides. Sure this is very important. If you want to make as much as possible you are going to want to have great reviews on you as a driver.

But what is also important is knowing where and when to drive in Orlando. If you go to the wrong place at the wrong time you might be sitting in your car waiting for hours on end. But if you hit a sweet spot you could be rewarded with non-stop trips that earn you a pretty penny.

So don’t think you are going to sign up for Uber and start bringing in tons of money just like that. With experience comes rewards. You will know where to go, when to go, and how to maximize your profits with the time spent.

Don’t Forget About Tips

Its true that Uber does not accept tips in their payment system, but there are still people that are willing to tip drivers in cash. And this really depends on the demographics of people you are transporting. When Uber lowered the rates a while back they increased the amount of paying customers that are willing to take Uber, but they also opened the door to more “cheapskates” that would never think of tipping.

Nonetheless, you will receive some tips from time to time. Some people may even hand you a $20 or $50 bill which is a big help. But again, this is something that you can’t really predict.

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