Amazon Flex Salary – What You Can Realistically Expect To Make

Amazon boasts their Flex drivers make anywhere from $18-$25/hr, but is this a realistic Amazon Flex salary? That is the real question here and in this short post I’m going to go over a few things that you should know about the pay before you decide whether or not to sign up with Amazon Flex.

The truth is that you can make $18-$25/hr with Flex, but these numbers can be misleading an I’ll show you why. First I’m going to go over a how Amazon pays you, how much drivers actually make per hour, and how much you can expect to make per day/month/etc.

How Amazon Pays Drivers

The money that you get paid is based on 2 things: the base pay and the amount of tips you receive.

Base Pay

Unlike a lot of similar jobs, like driving for Uber or Lyft for example,  Amazon Flex actually has what they call a base pay. This is the pay they say that you are guaranteed to make per hour.

This can vary depending on the delivery demand that they are experiencing.


Tips are always nice and always welcome. One of the nice things about Amazon Flex is that customers can tip deliverers directly through the app. They can do so up to 48 hours after delivery.

You also may receive cash tips from customers when you deliver (this does happen occasionally)

How Much Amazon Flex Drivers Make

Amazon isn’t lying when they tell you that drivers make anywhere from $18-$25/ flex pay

Drivers do make this amount of money. $18-$25/hr is something that can be expected and I know people who make more than this regularly.

At a minimum, Amazon is going to pay you $18/hr. So that is like a safety net. You won’t go below that and usually you will earn more.

Tips play a big part in how much you will make. It is difficult to give you number as for how much you can expect to be tipped, but I would say anywhere from $4-$8 per hour in tips is something you can expect.

So with a base-pay of $18-$25/hr + $4-$8/hr in tips, you could be looking at making anywhere from $22-$33 per hour total. To be conservative though lets say that you make on the lower end, with $18/hr base-pay and $4/hr in tips which means you will make $22 per hour.

$22 per hour is absolutely a number you can expect to make. Like I said, its hard to put a number on it because this will vary depending on the location you are driving, the time of year, the amount of other drivers, etc… but I think $22/hour is a fair number and is definitely achievable.

You can also look at salaries that Flex drivers have posted on sites like GlassDoor.

GlassDoor is a good place to look because people can anonymously post reviews about jobs they have. This means that if a job is bad, if it pays little, if the management is a bunch of a**holes, you are going to hear about it on GlassDoor.

GlassDoor usually doesn’t represent the average review and opinion of employees or workers however. It is usually filled with more negativity from people complaining.

And as for Amazon Flex Drivers that have posted their salaries on GlassDoor, this is what you see…

There are 44 people that have posted their salaries working as a Flex delivery drivers. I just took a screenshot of the top 3 job titles (which are all Flex Drivers although they show different names) and they all average out to right around $18/hr.

So this is actually a good sign. Believe me, if here were people making less than $18/hr with Amazon Flex they would be complaining and posting reviews all over GlassDoor.

How Much Drivers “Actually” Make

One thing that you have to realize is that when you drive for Amazon Flex, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of operating your vehicle.

You won’t be reimbursed for gas money, for oil changes, for new tires, etc. That is all on you.

When you are a Flex driver you are considered an “independent contractor”, not an employee. This is the same for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and all of these types of jobs.

This is the reason that Amazon doesn’t have to reimburse you for job related expenses. They are simply contracting you to work for them. This is a good thing in a lot of ways but when it comes to the expenses of course its a bad thing.

How much money do you lose to expenses?

The answer to this question will vary greatly with the vehicle you are using to deliver. If you have a old junky Ford Taurus with a bad O2 sensor then you will have to pay a lot more for gas money than if you have a new hybrid Toyota Prius.

Generally I would say that the tips you make from delivering cover the costs of driving. So that $4-$8/hr that I mentioned you can expect to get in tips, you can kiss that goodbye. But you still will be making the base pay of $18-$25/hr.

You Will Make Less Than You May Think

Another very important thing to take into consideration when you look at Amazon Flex pay is the amount of hours you will work.

Amazon Flex hours are broken down into what they call “blocks”, which is just another word for shifts. These blocks vary in length from 2-4 hours. They start at 8am and end at 12am (midnight), sometimes going later.

Amazon Flex hours of operations may seem good and all, they have Flex drivers delivering all day. But what you need to know is that there is A LOT of competition from other drivers.

There are only so many blocks available to work, and there are tons of Flex drivers, in my opinion too many. This means that getting the hours you may desire will be difficult.

It is not uncommon to go for days and even weeks without getting assigned any blocks to work. This is a problem and is one of the most common complaints from Flex drivers.

Luckily there is a way to pick up blocks even if you were not assigned any. I have already written a post on it that you can read more about by clicking the link below if you are interested.

How To Get More Flex Blocks

Final Thoughts On How Much You Make

Ok, so the money equation for how much you will actually make looks like this…

money you make = base pay + tips – driving costs

The cost of driving your vehicle pretty much cancels out the money you make from tips, so you are left making the base pay to take home.

In my opinion, $18-$25, which is the base pay, is still pretty good money for what you are doing. What you need to remember is that this job is extremely easy. Once you are out delivering it is just you and the app, there is no boss. So there is a lot of positives to the job.

The main problem I have with the salary isn’t the hourly pay, it is the amount of hours you will get, which will of course determine how much money you make total. Amazon Flex is not all that reliable. Some people are able to consistently get 30+ hours a week, but others have a really hard time getting any hours at all.

So the hours you get is the dilemma here. And you won’t really know what is possible unless you sign up and actually try and see what you are able to get.

Anyway, I hope you found this post helpful. Like I said multiple times, the numbers I gave for tips, driving expenses, etc are all just estimates. They will vary depending on your situation.

If you are interested in becoming an Amazon Flex driver then I suggest you read this post that I wrote that goes over a bunch of different aspects of working as a Flex driver. It will give you a better idea of what the job is like and whether or not you want to be a part of it.

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