Amazon Flex Driver Support – How To Get In Contact

amazon flex reviewIf you are looking to contact Amazon Flex Driver support then you are in luck. Fortunately they actually offer some decent support. In this short post I will be going over the different ways to contact support and how you need to get in contact with them depending on your situation.

Whether you are going through the onboarding process, a current driver looking for some assistance with Flex app tech issues, or a driver that is out on the road and in need of assistance, Amazon Flex offers support for just about any situation.

Different Ways Of Getting In Contact With Them

There are 4 different ways that I know of that you can contact Amazon Flex support for help, all of which I will be going over.

There is the daily Q & A session along with a phone number to connect you with an onboarding specialist, where you can ask questions, get answers, learn about the Flex app and other parts of the onboarding process. There is their email support where you can get specific questions answered within a fairly short period of time. There are 2 different support phone numbers where you can get immediate support, both for driver related questions and questions about anything else. And possibly the most necessary support is the immediate help you can get while out driving by tapping the help button inside the app.

Daily Q & A Sessions

Every day Amazon Flex holds Q & A sessions at two separate times, 1pm and 4pm Eastern time.

These sessions are not for current drivers, they are for those that are looking to become drivers.

They mainly cover topics like how to install the app, how to reinstall it, how to use it, etc. The are a good number of problems surrounding the app and many people seem to have difficulties with its, so these sessions can be helpful. .

You can type in and ask questions during the sessions.

Onboarding Support Number

The Q & A’s are definitely a good source of information for people going through the onboarding process. But inevitably there are going to be somethings left unanswered that you may need answered.

Luckily, Amazon provides a support number that can connect you directly with an onboarding specialist. This number is listed below…

  • 888-281-6906

Amazon Flex Email

If you are looking to for support to a question that does not need an immediate answer, then the email support is probably what you want to use.

They can be emailed at [email protected]

They seem to be pretty good at getting back to you quickly when it comes to emailing them. I would say that you can expect a reply in 48 hours tops, usually much sooner. But of course this might depend on how complicated of a question you are asking.

Amazon Flex Support Number

There are 2 amazon support numbers that you can call for immediate support, one is for Flex drivers that are on the clock, and another is for Flex drivers that are off the clock.


When you are on a block with Amazon Flex you can call the dispatch number. This number will connect you with an Amazon Flex dispatcher that can help you out with things like order issues, late deliveries, etc. The in-app help button is easier and more effective however (more on this further down).

You need to be online with Amazon Flex when you call this number.

  • 1-877-472-7562

Not Working

If you are a Flex driver but not currently working, then you are going to want to call the customer service number for Amazon Flex.

This number can help you out with pretty much everything else. If you are having issues with your Flex account, have a payment issue, or have any sort of technical issue, they can help with this.

  • 1-877-212-6150

Flex App Help Button

This is a newer feature that is available on the app. Getting help while out on a block is now as simple as tapping the help button within the app.

This is for getting support for deliveries. If you have a question about a delivery or something of that nature this is what I would use.

What I Recommend

If you can.. use the Amazon Flex support email or the Q & A Session to get the answers and support you are looking for. I would only use the support numbers if I have to, which does happen.

The reason I say this is just to be nice. You don’t want to bog down the support lines with every little thing that comes up. These lines are meant to provide quick and immediate support and that cannot happen if everyone would call in over every single problem, question, or concern.

The in-app help button is definitely the go-to method when you are out driving and need help with an order. Its fast, simple, and easy to use.

All in all I think that Amazon does a very good job at giving their Flex drivers the much needed support they need. You are bound to need support at least once in the time you drive for Flex and this shouldn’t be a problem with the support provided.

Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns about Amazon Flex support? Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours…


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AMORNCHAT - May 15, 2017

I got some problem to sign in amazon flex app
It look like I use Amazon flex email to sign in
It lock like a security reason
I try to contact Amazon flex-support several time
Introduced me to change my password on Amazon.com
Already change my amazon password not work again
Introduced me to download Amazon flex app again
Introduced me to sign in&sign out
Introduced me to send my email [email protected] to Amazon flex support to
Verified my mail
Everything’s I do it
Same result not work
Contact to Amazon.com by phone,by email,by chat
Same answer.can’t fix?go back to contact amazon flex
Support only!!!
U know am yr customer & yr partners too
I felt confused??
Who can fix my problem?
Am lost Amazon flex offer to deriverly
Really need someone can help me

    Kyle - May 15, 2017

    I am not sure what to tell you. It is a technical problem you are having and Amazon’s support knows more than I do on these issues and it seems like they can’t fix it. I would just try contacting support again and see if there is any other potential fix they could try.

    Out of curiosity what type of phone do you have?

Kenneth Yarnall - June 3, 2017

I want to become a driver for Amazon my phone number is Number is 702-373-6310

    Kyle - June 3, 2017

    Kenneth, you can begin the application process for Amazon Flex at flex.amazon.com/get-started. I would recommend that you read my post on whether the job is worth it or not. I go over a bunch about the delivery job that will give you some insight into what its really like. You can read it here.

Shay - June 5, 2017

I’m having problems watching the videos on the app for amazon flex. That’s the last step, or is it not available to me until my background check comes back

Mehari - June 7, 2017

Hi out there every time i log in I receive same answer “We don’t have any available area try it with in a day or two “And cousin not able to go back to the main menu any help.

Muhammad - June 8, 2017

Hi i have been trying to change my region and have sent several email to Amazon support team but its almost 3 weeks and i haven’t receive any reply.
Please help me with this query.
Thank you

Velislav Kalchev - June 10, 2017

Hi, I have a problem! I do not see offers. I think my area is wrong London southwest (RUK2) Restaurants

Dmitrijs - June 16, 2017

I don’t get money for delivery (first week), can’t change bank details – ask routing number(9 digits), how can I found my routing number? Bristol,Avonmounth, UK.

Vicki Lawson - June 17, 2017


My problem is I cannot change my banking information from my app. It just won’t let me. Keep telling me tech’s said all is good, but needed to add my address and that was the cause of not being able to change it and said THEY would manually do it. Well almost 2 weeks have gone by, still no luck. Obviously tech support can’t even fix this. Cant someone (maybe in payroll services) add my new bank information for me. I have missed out on working because of this, and until I can change that it hopeless for me. I don’t mind giving my information to someone who can input this for me OR issue me paper checks until I can get this fixed. Is that a possibility? Please help me!!

Thank you

Muriel - June 17, 2017

Hi Kyle
I am really frustrated with Amazon Fkex HR
I am missing A payment of £416 allegedly submitted on June 07
I have been trying to get in touch via email fir the last 2 weeks but my message have been totally ignored
To support my case I forwarded a copy of my bank statement showing all my previous payments : Nothing for June 07 as well as a screen shot of my earnings
Kindly how can I get in touch with HR?
Warm regards,

Garnett Mason - June 20, 2017

Hi Amazon support,My name is Garnett Mason. I’m in the process to become a Amazon Flex driver I got to the background check and the reply wasn’t accurate. I have DMV H6 PRINTOUT of my driving record shows that it was (PURGE) off my driver’s license.And red light photo of the seen making a right turn. And my medical card that I should drive with I do have a up-to-date copy.if you need one please let me know.please advise how I should resolve this issue. thanks in advance…

Muhammad Zaheer Afsar - June 21, 2017

Please call me I have issues with amazoan flex app. My contact no. is 0044-07577408111 Thanks

V - June 23, 2017

I have $628 of missing deposits from shifts I have worked. I have emailed the amazonflex-support numerous times, providing the block worked, the date and what the issue is. I have provided a spread sheet as well as sent 9 individual emails, with each specific information as to the block, etc. EACH TIME, they respond with “We have investigated your inquiry and determined that a deposit was made to your account on (insert any date here). Problem is, they are either referencing a date I am not asking about (Since I deleted, then re-entered the EXACT same account info, I have been receiving my deposits), or, they say it appears they made a deposit…BUT THERE IS NO DEPOSIT THAT’S BEEN MADE. I have my bank statement showing my flex deposits are not being made. (My husband also delivers Flex, all of his deposits have been made). It is BEYOND frustrating. No phone number available….which makes no sense. How, if I am being responded to…do those people NOT have a phone number? Must be bots? But seriously, how can no one respond correctly? Any assistance is appreciated.

Sergio Perdomo - June 23, 2017

Mi app dice que no hay bloques disponibles en mi area. Yo vivo en miami,quisiera saber si hay disponibilidad

Lisa Poole - June 25, 2017

In order for me to start a business and have people under me delivering amazon , what steps must I take.

Paul Dwomfour - June 27, 2017

Hi. Just want to join amezon flex . I have my own car. Could you please call me on this number 07983835146 . For us to talk how to get into this business. Just to guide me to register. Thnx.

Lucky Osagie - June 30, 2017

Am having a problem login into my flex app each time i try i give a response that my account has been deactivated that i will not be able to sign in at this time.

FNU Qudratullah - July 1, 2017

Dear Sir/Man

Actually the issue raised that I had block on 17th of June 10:00 am to 1:00 pm I had 72 items on that scheduled block even with working one hour extra couldn’t finish when I brought the remaining items to the pick-up area back I had another block from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Same day but I prevented to go with that block because I didn’t finish the first one, the Amazon representative (Indian girls and boy) didn’t allow me to do my next scheduled block I didn’t miss I prevented to do it because I didn’t finish the first one, it’s impossible to finish 72 item’s in 3 hours even I asked them before I continue that these are a lot can’t be finish within 3 hours they said bring back remaining items, even after this issue I accept one more block when I reached to pick-up area they said you can’t do it your account is block because the Customer complain, to be honest I did my job very well on time even working extra on each block.

photos related to issue for more information

Dear sir/madam,

I want to re start the Amazon delivery so please let me know when and how should I re start it.

Amazon Flex: Weekly Summary

Delivery Partner,

Here is a summary of your Amazon Flex activity for last week (06/11-06/17) delivering Amazon.com parcels:

• Deliveries: You successfully delivered 360 of the 363 packages you picked up.

• Packages marked delivered but not received by customers: 0

• Packages attempted after 9pm: 0

• Reliability: You made deliveries for 13 of the 13 blocks you scheduled

Here is a summary of your Overall Ratings:

• On Time Delivery Rating: 100%

• Recent delivered not received count: 0

• Reliability Rating: 100%

If you have questions or concerns about this summary, email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for delivering smiles with Amazon Flex!

The Amazon Flex Team


• On Time Delivery Rating: A delivery is considered successful when it is delivered by 9pm. This rating is the percentage of deliveries made by 9pm out of your last 500 deliveries.

• Reliability Rating: This rating is the percentage of delivery blocks you completed out of the last 20 you scheduled.

• Recent delivered not received count: This count is the number of packages marked delivered but not received by customers out of your last 500 deliveries.

FNU Qudratullah

aly Takroun - July 3, 2017

hi I would like to become a driver with Amazon. i have my own sprinter van. Ineed the right contacts for this department.
thank you

colin - July 13, 2017

My app is not giving me any offers yet friends are getting them, i dont believe my app is working correctly

Mario Sinca - July 17, 2017

Hi.I ‘ve done all the verification to work on amazon flex and everything i think that is ok but in my app is still saying “background check”even that 10 days had gone long time.What is the problem?can someone help me?thank you!

demba cire diallo - July 17, 2017

to whom it may concern

My is Name Demba cire Diallo and I have sign in Amazonfex for delivery but i did not have anything for delivery yet but i accept the offer on friday to delivery on monday july 17/2017 at 2.pm to finish 6.00 pm but want to euclid ohio 44132 but they telling
me it,s not there and i was not in the system .
i show them but the address was 710 S Girls School Road Indiana.
could you please correct my account i live in Euclid ohio 44117. my is email [email protected].
please me help about this problem. thank you for support.

Syed wael hassan - July 24, 2017

I worked 12july to 14july 4shifts haven’t paid yet trying to contact amazon but very disappointed how to contact customer service because there’s no direct number but I have emailed couple of times I hope you could solve this problem

Ravinder - July 27, 2017

I try to login my amazon flex and it’s come with message
Sorry there aren’t any delivery opening in your area at the moment check back in the next day or two to see if any opening become available
Can you please explain to me why is there is no any menu button showing on app aswell

Muriel - August 5, 2017

Hi Kyle
I have been working as a flex driver for the last 3 months. I have always attended / never been late on my scheduled blocks yet for the last few weeks my weekly summary states my reliability as decreasing.
I have sent numerous emails to Amazon flex support with scans of my routes for each of my working days which have been totially ignored.
I now understand that if I am scheduled on 2 consecutive blocks on the same day and bringing back to the depot attempted parcels from the first block the app is not able to pick up my arrival for the 2 n block . I am unable to check in as the attempted parcels have not been yet removed from which mean I have to been be check in by the depot supervisor .
Could you kindly help with this matter?
Many thanks

Adil - August 22, 2017

Hi .I have an issue with Amazonflex determinate my account as their email explanation an allegation cause deactivation of account but I have no idea i have nothing do wrong regard my work a dission made to quickly which totatly unfair.now I don’t know who did I appeal and sOlve my account

Shabaz - August 23, 2017

It wants to verify my details but not sending a verification code and i only have 30 mins to complete process

Marc ibbs - August 24, 2017

I have just started working amazon flex and my app shows a payment for my hours from Wednesday but I haven’t received any money in my account.
Not sure what to do?
Is there a U.K. phone number?

Ermias - September 7, 2017

I have Amazon flex driver I didn’t get any kind delivery since I got approved for delivery?

Tareque Adil - October 1, 2017

Hi there background check has a time limit right 10 days to provide all documeats using the email link but it’s expired now and the email link has been invalid I could not use it any more so what should I need to do to fix it? If anyone please suggest me regarding this problem.
Thank you

John Wright - October 25, 2017

I need to speak with you regarding my background checks to become a flex driver. I have filled everything you required and keep getting emails stating I haven’t filled in the background checks
I have done. I also have copies of my dbs and crb check.
Can someone call me to sort this out.

Mehulkumar - October 25, 2017


I applied amazon flex as delivery driver and my application also working but I want Chang my location because I living Wembley and application doesn’t show Wembley depot it’s very close to my home and other all location is very far so please help me about changing location

Thank you very much..

John brandt - October 26, 2017

I was in an accident with someone delivering for amazon. His insurance directed me here.

Riyadh - October 31, 2017

hi there I’m change my account from Seattle WA to OR Portland & My account has not been activated I’m still waiting 4 months

Alister - November 1, 2017

Hi. i would be grateful if anyone can tell me how to download the videos to watch. I cant get past this stage and thevideos wont play? PLease contact me on my email

Neil - November 6, 2017

Hello my app won’t update It has version 2.1 and there latest is 3.0 I have an iPhone 7 I have tried restarting app logging I and out and uninstalling and reinstalling the app what else can I do ?

    Kyle - November 6, 2017

    Niel this is strange and unfortunately I have no idea why that is happening. I would contact support.

Elijah - November 7, 2017

I’ve put in my banking info for a month and I keep getting the same thing…. technical error AM-00. What does that mean?

Jessica - November 7, 2017

I am missing pay for blocks worked, the app says the deposit has been made, but nothing has hit my bank account. I have been paid successfully in the past to the same account. I have not made any changes to my account at all. I have emailed numerous times to no avail. Very frustrated

Jerry Eli miller - November 13, 2017

Haven’t received payment for November 13 my block time was 915 for our route $72 haven’t received pending account

Pat - November 16, 2017

I have been getting error code AM-00 for several weeks during sign up and no one in support knows what that is. I have watched all of the videos. I have completed the tax and direct deposit screens. Every time I fill out the Background Check info and click Continue, I get error code AM-00. I am unemployed and I really need this. Can anyone help me?

Ion - November 17, 2017


I would to receive information about drive payments, how many weeks is deposit and how is paid, weekly or monthly

Lawrence C Hearn Jr - November 21, 2017

I collected the process in the Amazon Flex app!The App says I FAILED the background check! After speaking with Accurate Background Check, they say NOTHING was found and Amazon keeps telling me to contact Accurate! I have sent MULTIPLE EMAILS, but I never get a response, of what to do! I am a Class B Drive and Certified Nursing Assistant! I would like to know HOW I FAILED A BACKGROUND CHECK!? I have been approved to drive Uber,Postmates and Instacart! I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I even have UPS background!

Adrian - November 30, 2017

Hello. I have try in the last 5 days to catch blocks,waist at least 24 hr refresh my app every single second without results. Send email to amazon but all the time same answer:check your availability.I am available 18 hr a days but still no results. How it’s that posible?I am 100% efficient,they just send me email a few days ago but still no jobs available for me.how it’s that posible? Thank you

Erica Edmond - December 7, 2017

Can someone please contact me back regarding Miss blocks [email protected]

Brittany G. - December 28, 2017

Hi there! I actually currently work for Amazon support; I’d just like to point out an inaccuracy in this post.

As far as I’ve been told from day one of starting my position with Amazon, the only way to contact off-road support is through the flex email. Websites like this that are giving out a phone number for support are causing drivers to call in to ON-road support (aka me) and get mad at us when we tell them that we can’t solve their off-road support issues.

On-road support consists of current delivery problems, basic app troubleshooting, and delivery-related questions.

Off-road support consists of scheduling, payment issues, app concerns or complains, etc.

We are not trained to help with these and when drivers call in, they will 99.999% of the time receive the response from us to direct them to the flex support email. The 0.001% will be a support agent that doesn’t know there is no phone number for off-road support yet that will attempt to help but ultimately just waste your time before directing you to the email.

CJ - March 29, 2018

Any word on the Error Code AM-00?
I can’t complete my direct deposit due to this error showing up whenever I press Continue.
[email protected]
I’ve emailed Flex Support twice now and they won’t reply.
I honestly can’t believe a company like this would allow things like this to happen.
I understand the error, shit happens but not being replied to…

SEUN ODUBANJO - April 15, 2018

Hello am trying to register on amazon flex and it not letting me do nothing how do i go about it?

sean - April 21, 2018

signed up for Flex never heard about the NYC warehouse cannot access account . what is going on Amazon

Aretha - May 22, 2018

My app shows me paid for this week but I did not get a direct deposit. I have emailed Amazon twice and tried calling support. I was supposed to get paid today and have never had any challenges getting paid. How can I get help from other than a computerized response email?!?!?!

Linda Mante - May 25, 2018

I created an account to be an amazonflex Driver. I can’t remember my password anymore.I log in 3 time and my accounts is block.It told me to contact customer support.I have tried several times and can’t get to speak to anyone.looking need help in reseting my account

liyuan - June 20, 2018

hello support, please help me.
I cant type in my names in the background check form, my name has been liyuan wang, but i dont know why i have to do the background check and tax information again.
my account was fine before the manager of the pickup station(UWA2) yelled at me. i was waiting for my packages, she saw me and was yelling at me “you cant be here!”, but thats on the way to the bathroom, and there is no sign says I cant stay in that area. she was so rude and unprofessional, after she yelled at me I called support, when i was reporting her she told me not to touch the packages that were already signed to me. Then i went back to my car, my packages were resigned, I went back in the station to pick up my new packages, she told me not to touch the packages again otherwise she would call the cops. she also threaten to write me up and fire me. however, ive been doing this job more than a year, i never seen her in this station before. I have more blocks the rest of my week, I will be in this station again tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, if she won’t let me to pick up my packages again what should I do?
now looks like she did something to my account, i need my background check and tax form refilled, I did it 2 weeks ago already. Could you please help me to fill my name in the Background check form ? because i cant type in my names on my phone.
now i have packages in the station waiting for me to pick up , but the manager threaten to call the cops of I pick up. every other manager is nice, polite, helpful and position, ive never seen any manager like her, she really need to be restrained or transfered. this could be avoided if her attitude was professional, or there were signs telling people the rules otherwise who knows the rules? plus how can she threaten to fire the drivers, call the cops on the drivers and yelling at the drivers?
Please help me , thank you very much!

Regina wojcieszak - July 11, 2018

From germany new in
I have got a four door car
And would like to work
In delivering around bath
Please give me a help
I cannot upload your app


Brittany Rock - July 23, 2018

It’s been two months since I moved and they are taking their sweet time changing my area I need to work and no one is doing anything to help me

mahmoud - September 24, 2018

I had confused and I deliveries the items back to the wear-house , this day was very heavy rain, then I didn’t follow the process but my background of my history with you is very perfect. Please give me chance I will proved that Ian qualify Anthony chance. Waiting for your decision.
Thank you.

anthony keith burke - October 7, 2018

i live at 1805 jackson ave,Chesapeake,va 23324,trying to become a amzon flex driver


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