Here at iHeartRideSharing I, Kyle, am the founder and editor. I have a vast amount of knowledge with both the Uber and Lyft ridesharing opportunities having been ridesharing for over 2 years. I currently rideshare part time for Uber in Pittsburgh PA, but have explored other areas as well, such as Chicago IL.

I have created iHeartRideSharing to inform both users and drivers of the various aspects of ridesharing. It is a rather new business and there is still a lot of opportunity for people who are interested. But with it being so new, there aren’t all that many places to find good information on this matter, and this is where I come in.

I have organized and compiled loads of information on ridesharing from my personal ridesharing experiences, communicating with other ridesharers, and researching various aspects of ridesharing. I hope for iHeartRideSharing to be a be a meeting place where new, experienced, and prospective rideshare drivers and users can conveniently find the information they need on anything that has to do with the world of ridesharing.